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Omer Dhule Ali was born in around 1930s in Wadamago in Tog- dheer region. In his early stage of his career; he built a strong reputation, both at Radio Hargeisa and independent sectors. Senior figures in broadcasting would stop him in the corridors to find out what he was up to. Omer Dhule grew up in Tog-dheer, suburb of west Burao with which he maintained a love relationship throughout his life. His cultural tastes developed here.
Omer, stand-up comedy, and music mean especially guitar so much more to him than the theatre or art galleries. As a Guitarist producer, his most significant was love, nature and environment. Broadcast in 1970s, these were animated documentaries which told the love stories of people whose paths crossed in Somalia. There were touching, funny and poignant. His favour author was Ali Sugule , and the two had much in common. Both drew inspiration from Somalia and both believed that life is basically a guest for mate.
Omer Dhule was able to present his take on the world in stand-up comedy, through songwritting and later, in popular bog called “Galbataye Allow Gabadhyahay ku gargaar”. He had various ideas for a follow-up for Radio Hargeisa and Mogadisho. It is a testament to his wife’s love and affection that he was able to have fun, even in his final days of his life. He continued to make new friends up until the end of his days. All who relied on him as a friend and colleague will miss him immensely. Omer Dhule was incredibly kind to people who were stressed or upset, and never too busy to have a cup of tea after work when he spotted that someone needed help. He was one of the famous,legent and most love songwriters in Somalia.

written by Caynawi and Qoorcadde



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