Watch:Mo Farah has become the first person to beat “The Cube Game in ITV Show”

Watch:Mo Farah has become the first person to beat “The Cube Game in ITV Show”

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London, Sat 14, July 2012 (Saraar Media) Mo Farah has become the first person to beat The Cube in the History, this game is one of fantastic shows on the ITV and it has never been beaten by anyone except Mo Farah. when the show started on saturday night on the 14th July 2012 he started with 9 lives and won the game with remaining 7 lives. He played for his Charity Mo Farah Foundation. Mo farah he is originally from Somaliland in East African. The Cube peresenter Phillip Schofield has reported in his blog on the following statement.

“Mo Farah, the current 5000m world champion, left the audience speechless on Monday night after a jaw dropping display that saw him win the jackpot for his charity, The Mo Farah Foundation.

The 28-year-old World Champion set about his attempt to conquer The Cube as part of an Olympian special to be aired in Spring.

Several contestants have managed to complete six games since 2009 when The Cube began, winning themselves £100,000 in the process. However no one until now had managed to beat The Cube and win the £250,000 jackpot.

Phillip said “That was a truly astonishing afternoon! We’re in the middle of recording two series of the Cube back to back, and though I meet every contestant with the hope that they’ll win big money, over the three years that we’ve been on the telly, it’s looked more and more unlikely that anyone could beat it….. Then in came Mo!! He’s a lovely, calm, mild mannered bloke, small, fit and wiry. The perfect contender. He lost 2 lives on the first game and I thought he was going to struggle, but that was it, the only other life he lost was just before he beat it!!

It takes real guts and strength of character to make that leap of faith to risk £100,000 and go for the jackpot, if he had failed, he would have lost £99,000 for his Charity Foundation. As it was he totally thrashed the Cubes arse!!! I have never known a studio so tense, and the roar when he did it was deafening!

I will only ever go into the Cube on TV when somebody beats it, so it was amazing to stand inside with Mo as it glowed gold for the first time.

What a stunning afternoon, now I wonder…….Could you beat The Cube?”

The £250,000 jackpot will be given to The Mo Farah Foundation, which provides aid to those affected by the drought and famine in East Africa.”


Mustafa Ali

Saraar Media London

Source; Phillip Schofield blog

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