Telesom hands awards for diligence to it’s employees

Telesom hands awards for diligence to it’s employees

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Hargiesa (Saraar Media) Telesom awards it’s employees and top
performers certificates for diligence and outstanding achievements in
a well attended ceremony held in Mansor Hotel Hargeisa.
The awarding ceremony whose theme was good work performance and
development was meant to award Telesom employees for their performance
and diligence.
The occasion was opened with verses from the Holy Qur’an recited by
Sheikh Adan Yusuf (Adan Siiro) who praised the company for it
contribution to the society.

Speaking during the occasion Telesom head of human resource
department Abdi-kadir Mohamed Sahal said that his department plays a
vital role in provided support for the company to achieve it’s
corporate objectives in al possible ways Mr Abdirizak that for any
business these days, scaling the heights of success is not always an
easy task. This is because today’s the corporate world has became
extremely complex and intricate for any business to succeed nowadays
it is very important that our company employees play a key role.
This does not only refer to employees doing their best job possible
but its also means that every employee must be right for the job that
they are doing what this translates into is that every employee who
is working at his or her own position is the best possible candidate
for the job. Once appointed the employee must be given proper
training to help him understand the way the business operates and to
work using the best possible method. Training also helps in easy
adaptation to the company as it throws light on the employees
policies code of ethics expected from them, innovation is inevitable
for the success of any business.

Telesom employees must be directed and assisted in effective utilizing
their resources and capabilities for maximum output leading to job
satisfaction and a higher rate of company profitability Mr. Abdikadir
Sahal said that the company will present certificates and cash
incentives for 16 employees in Hargeisa and 14 other employees in the
various regions of the country on top at that it will pay expenses
for those who want to perform the Hajj pilgrimage and also marriage
expenses, also addressing the award ceremony ws the vice chairman of
Telesom Mohamed Haji Adan who gave a brief history of the company
since it’s founding in 2002 and that today the company has a diverse
mix of employees, understanding their needs and negotiating their
differences of opinion through proper understanding of the employees
is a tough task in the hands of human resources department and
handling them and making them work together towards the common
objectives is a massive task so the hence to create a good working
environment is a prerequisite for employees satisfaction. Policies
favourable to the employee without compromising on the company
interests can boast the employee moral resulting in lesser employee

Those attending the ceremony were prominent Somalilanders among
them Minister in the office of President Hon Hersi Haji Ali, Minister
of National Planning Dr. Sacad Ali Shire, the governor of Togdher
region Hon Abdow Aayar, Sheikh Adan Mohamud (Adan Siiro) and Suldan
Ahmed Dahir.

Professor Abdirizak Lafoole the chancellor of university of Sool in
Nugal addressed the occasion vice live video conference in which he
praised the company for it’s innovations in making learning easier
for Somalilanders.

Similar ceremonies were held simultaneous in all Telesom is the
largest and the leading Telecom provider in Somaliland. It is owned
by Somaliland share holders and was founded in 2002 Telesom is
also one of the biggest employers in the country.

It also provides a wide diverse of services including GSM, Internet,
Zaad services (mobile money payments) electronic voucher, GPRS, 3Gs
video conferencing system enabling thousands of business people to
increase the profit’s and improve the competitiveness through
Telesom high quality technological systems.



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