Somalia government evicting hundreds of squatters in Mogadhishu

Somalia government evicting hundreds of squatters in Mogadhishu

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Somali President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed issues a decree for people living in government houses to immediately vacate to give the transitional federal government ample time to renovate the badly damaged buildings.

Thousands are now homeless following the mass eviction of these people who have known these buildings as their homes following a deadly two decade civil strife that has claimed the lives of many and displaced millions others. Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti have experienced the burden of the Somali crisis and are hosting a large number of Somalis as refugees.

However Somali president is spearheading the eviction process and has toured several areas that have been vacated by the thousands of people in Mogadishu and called on the people to vacate so that the government can assert it’s control in the capital.

More than 60,000 people are said to be sheltering in these government owned houses and ministries, however the Somali government argues that it now has the funds to refurbish the badly ruined buildings that have been left in dilapidated state.

It’s more than twenty years since Somalia plunged into anarchy that forced many to flee their homes. Majority of these people moved into government houses like this. Now the government has issued an ultimatum for these people to vacate the houses.

State institutions, schools, hospitals and even government ministries are some of the areas that the squatters are set to vacate. However the Mogadishu Mayor warns that the issue needs not to be politicized and no tribe is being targeted in the process.

Despite the mass vacation by hundreds, the government is offering no alternative housing system to the squatters with many having no other alternative but to join the thousands in Mogadishu who are internally displaced.

The government argues that it has expanded its control and therefore people can go back and rebuild their houses and give the Somali government an opportunity to improve its institutions that will pave way for the stable Somali government set to be formed after the end of the current transition.

The UN Political Office for Somalia based in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, relocated to Mogadishu in January after the UN identified an improvement in the security situation of the war ravaged capital Mogadishu.

Source; Press TV’s Abdulaziz Billow Ali reports from Mogadishu.

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